Many site visitors ask 'what are the rules for giving my a house a name?'

The principal rules for naming a house in the UK are as follows:

If your property has been designated a house number, you must always show the house number clearly visible within the boundary of your property and always use the house number in your address line for mail deliveries & contact purposes.

Providing you follow this rule you then can also use any house name you like for your home without notifying the post office or your local authority. Therefore, providing you use your house number within your home address line you can also add a house name with no problems. For instance if your home address is 20 College Close in Sandown, Isle of Wight (our sign studio address) and you choose to name your house 'Rose Cottage', your address should read as:

Address Plate

In many areas in the UK properties don’t have a house number, just a house name…

Most property owners tend to keep the same house name when they buy a house but sometimes the current house name simply does not suit the property or was highly personal to the previous owners but not the new owners - for example a house name like Oak Cottage but the oak tree has long gone or a made up house name of the previous occupants christian names e.g. BertieFlo, LizSam, HanSamDan etc. You may want to change the house name to something more suitable or personal to your own family.

Changing an existing house name in the UK:

If your property has just a house name with no designated house number and you wish to change the name of the property you will first need to seek permission from your Local Authority for the name change.

Authorization must have been granted in writing from your Local Authority before you can use a new house name - we advise you don't order a house name sign until you have the authorization!

Send a letter to the department responsible for road naming and numbering. The letter should state your full name, the present full address of the property and a proposal to change the current house name to the new preferred name. Most local councils charge a fee for changing a house name. The fee covers a check with Royal Mail to see if there are any houses with the same name or similar sounding names at the same post code. If there is no duplication the council will allow the name change and will notify all relevant government departments and Royal Mail of the name change. 

The property owner may also contact the Royal Mail Address Maintenance Unit to check whether the new house name is available to use prior to contacting their council and then contact the local council for permission to change the name.

Royal Mail Address Maintenance Unit, Sunderland, SR3 3XW, Telephone: 08456 045060, Email:

Rose Cottage House Sign Examples
From our trading year 2013 sales records the most popular house name we have made was 'Rose Cottage'. This house name is near the top of most popular house names for past decades. We thought you would like to see a few examples of House signs we have made for the house name  Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage Sign 1

Hand painted rose cottage sign

Rose cottage rustic sign

We will take more images and show them here to give ideas of the wide variety of ways we can customise a house name sign.


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