Slate House Signs

Bespoke engraved Slate Signs ideal for House Names, House Numbers and Address Plates. Personalised to your requirements with a choice of fonts and paint inlay colours.

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Our ever popular engraved slate house signs have deep V-grooved numbers and lettering giving a smart classic appearance. This range of house number signs and house name plates are made from solid natural slate. Engraved slate has been used over many centuries for memorials and it is an ideal stone to use for outdoor signage.

Available in many popular rectangular sizes to fit most fixing locations - gate posts, on a wall, on stakes by the road, by the front door, on the house wall and even hanging from chains. If the standard sizes don't quite fit your required dimensions we can make them to your exact size up to 500mm in width and 300mm in height - just contact us by phone or email us for the price. Apart from the smallest 100mm x 100mm size, all slate house plaques can be engraved with arrows making them a perfect choice for directional signs.

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 Compare the difference in our v-groove engraved house signs with lasr and sandblast engraved signs

V-cut lettering is also known as V-carved or V-grooved engraving and is cut by a CNC Machine. V-cut Lettering is considered the ultimate in slate sign engraving techniques - it takes much longer than shallow laser engraving or deeper sandblasting methods but we think it's worth the extra time!

Engraved slate signs inlay colours

Slate is a natural stone formed millions of years ago and has a traditional reputation of being quarried and split by hand for centuries. Engineering methods may have changed over time but the reputation of slate has not. This popular material has been used for a wide variety of uses in buildings due to its natural beauty which enhances both period and contemporary homes. In the 18th and 19th century, schools used slate and chalk for both blackboards and also for individual writing slate. In a similar manor Innkeepers and grocers used slates to keep a record of how much each of their customers owed them come pay day. This is the origin of the phrase ‘wiping the slate clean’ as the slates were indeed wiped clean when customers were able to pay their bills. Slate was also used for commemorative plaques. It was also during this period that slate became desirable and sought after for slate roofing.

In the early 20th century slate was used for electrical switchboards and for the controls of large electric motors due to its insulating and fireproof properties. Other valuable properties of slate such as its stability and its resistance to chemicals have resulted in its use as billiard tables and for laboratory benches. In contemporary times, the elegant beauty and durability of slate makes it a desirable natural material to adorn the home. The inclusion of other minerals within slate such as pyrite (fool’s gold) makes each piece entirely unique. A solid slate house sign will personalise your home even before the sign maker begins working on the piece.

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Engraved slate house number sign 100mm x 100mm
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Slate house number sign 140mm x 100mm
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Three digit house number sign 160mm x 100mm
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Slate house sign with a four digit number 240mm x 100mm
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Engraved slate house name sign / address plaque 250 x 60
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Slate house name sign / address plate 300 x 75
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Slate five bar gate signs 450mm x 85mm
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Slate home address sign 300mm x 100mm
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Slate house name sign / address sign - 450mm x 100mm
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Engraved slate house sign 300mm x 150mm
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Slate address sign 300mm x 150mm
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Solid slate house sign 500mm x 125mm
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Slate house name sign / address plaque 400mm x 150mm
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Solid slate house name sign / address plate 300mm x 200mm
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House name sign / address plaque 450mm x 200mm
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House sign in solid honed slate 450mm x 300mm
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Large slate house sign 500mm x 300mm
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